I've realized that I haven't said very much about myself on this blog, and that's honestly how I like it. I'm a fairly private person, so I probably won't be giving out much personal information. I may give out some general stuff if people are really interested, but for the most part I like to keep my online life separate from my real on. Nothing personal, I'm sure you're all great people who would never stalk and or murder me, but why take the chance.

But leaving it at that isn't very helpful for those of you who do want to have a better idea of who I am. So I've decided to create this section to give some background on how I got into tg and eventually wound up making captions here.

Let's start with my name. While it looks simple enough, the pronunciation is weird so I thought it was worth taking a few seconds to go over it. I'm sure there are people out there who think it's pronounced "Rock" or "Rawk" or "Rook." Those people would be wrong. It's actually closer to "Ra-oo-k," but it's only one syllable. So sort of mash it all together and there you go. The closest common approximation would be to say it rhymes with "luke" or "fluke." Anyway, now onto the more interesting stuff.

I'm actually a bit of minority in the tg community. I'm a straight male, who has no longing desire to be female, at least not permanently. Now if some lovely young lady were to offer me the chance to change genders for a bit to engage in a little lesbian fun, that's a different story. But for the most part, I'm completely happy as a guy, and tg is just a fun fantasy to distract from the monotony of the real world.

Now I know there are plenty of others out there who share my same mindset, but only a few use a male persona while interacting with the tg community. This is especially true among captioners. For example, sp2000 is happy with who he is, but online he goes by Kelly. I on the other hand fall into the same category as people like smitty. I'm sure there are plenty of others, but most tg aficionados seem to get more into role-playing than I do. But hey, to each his or her own.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Before I get into how I got here, I should probably take a few steps back to explain how I got into tg in the first place. The short answer is, I really don't know. It just sort of happened...But that's pretty lame, so I'll try to explain. My earliest fantasy about being a woman probably happened in my early teens. I was finally interested in the mystery that is women and eager to learn more about them. Unfortunately, my only point of access was early teenage girls. I'm not a people person. I don't particularly care for large social groups and of the social interactions I do have, I like them to make sense. So summing up, I really did not care for early teenage girls. But I was still curious about females, even though I couldn't stand to be around most of them. Which is about the time when I began to think how much easier it would be to get to understand them if I could be one for a while, a little primary research if you will. Needless to say my thoughts and motivations did not remain so pure for very long.

It was a few years after that I discovered that these kinds of fantasies were more common than I originally thought. Through the magic of the internet I found out about the wonders of tg. It was mostly artwork at first, drawn transformations and other similar kinds of things. But I began to be more interested in the stories behind these brief scenes. Eventually I stumbled across my first tg caption. I can still remember how terrible it was. Just a picture of two girls with a sentence underneath explaining how they used to be boys and were being punished, or something like that. It didn't matter, I was hooked.

So that's how I wound up becoming a lurker in the tg community. And if it wasn't for a site called tf-media, that's all I ever would have been. I joined tf-media in the spring of 2010. I had originally planned on using my account to rip through the 100+ pages of captions they had and then move on to the next site, as I had done before. But after I got through their catalog about a week later, I began to think that this was something I seriously could do. There were some great caption makers on that site who inspired me, and many more average ones I knew I could do better than to push me to try.  By the time tf-media shut down I had made over 100 captions and had broken into the top 20 contributors on the site. I had a pretty good run, I had shown that I was capable of turning out a decent caption, which was my original goal. But I wasn't done. I found Rachel's Haven and began posting my stuff there. The Haven is a great community and I strongly recommend any of you reading this to go join if you haven't already.

But I'm a rather selfish individual. The Haven is massive, and there are so many fantastic caption makers over there that it is easy to get lost in the shuffle.  Back at tf-media I was used to my captions getting a few thousands views, which is rare over at the Haven, especially for a newcomer. So I started this blog under the username Rauk22, which I had used back at tf-media. So with a little help from my old tf-media buddies, and few people over from the Haven who liked my stuff, I began to get noticed. And that's how I got here.

Thanks to those of you who read this all the way through (although if you did I'm reconsidering my earlier statement about me being sure you aren't a stalker.) Hopefully you found this at least somewhat interesting. Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog and taking the time to read the narcissistic ramblings of its author.



  1. Ah no, I'm not a stalker *giggle* besides the flight, tracking you down, breaking into your house, stealing you from your life to make you a pretty young lady... Nop, that would cost and insane sum of money *giggle*

    Hehe forgive my rambling!, well that's pretty interesting you said that about the first time you saw a TG cap... mine was the same experience. I guess that it's more or like sex, the first time is always a disappointment or so I heard :P

    And by all means take all your time you need to be narcissistic, egotistical and megalomaniac as you can be.An Artist needs that no matter what the audience tells you to go back from your tower of Ivory.

    Finally I do like my male status too, I'm just wondering whenever doing stuff... on how could it be to be a woman, nothing else!.

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Interesting bio. I also fit into the male TG minority you mentioned.

    It is interesting that you and Smitty use male personas. I hadn't considered how rare that is. I tried to split the difference with a login/userid style pseudonym since I won't use my name and it didn't feel right to make up a female name for myself.

    I think the explanation on the Joe Sixpack TG page sums it up pretty well:

    "So you get a little turned on when you think about switching genders? So what!? Everybody's got some sort of freakishly bizarre thrill they never talk about. That's no reason to get all weirded out over this stuff.

    Have a little bit of fun. Enjoy yourself. Do whatever you need to do and then get on with your life. Who the heck cares."

  3. I had forgotten about Joe Sixpack, I haven't been there in ages. But yeah, that's pretty much how I feel now.

    There was a time I used to feel pretty bad about it, as I'm sure most of the tg community has experienced. But seeing all the other weird stuff that's out there on the internet kind of put it all in perspective.

    So while I fully support and respect those for whom tg is a huge part of their lives and fantasies, for me it's just a fun kink that can distract me from the real world for a bit.

  4. I'm restarting the TF-Media site and would be honored if you'd accept a dedicated channel there to your caps. I'm glad you still post, because your caps were some of my favorite on TF-Media.

    If you're interested drop me a line at:

    -Amy is the url by the way