Why Am I Here?

The only question that really matters: why? Why did you start making captions? Why are you still doing it?

As I've stated before, I started making captions for two reasons. First, there were specific types of captions I wanted to see more of, specifically lesbian femdom. There were plenty of these out there when I was still just a lurker, but most either went too far with the humiliation so I ended up feeling bad for the protagonist, or didn't go far enough and left me wanting more. So I decided to try my hand at creating what I wanted to see. You can notice this trend in a lot of my early work, as I didn't start to regularly include heterosexual sex scenes until I had already made 50 or so captions. I've since branched out to include a much wider range of scenarios, but I'll save that discussion for another page.

The second reason I started making captions was I'm an arrogant prick. A lot of the stuff I was seeing didn't impress me very much, so I eventually began to think that I could do a much better job than some of these so called "captioners." Now obviously this didn't apply to everyone, there are still a lot of captioners out there that never cease to amaze me. But they served as another kind of motivation in that I wanted to prove I belonged in the same class as them, which is a goal I'm still working on now. The need prove myself has died down a lot since I started, but it's still there. I'm a fairly competitive guy so seeing someone do something amazing almost always gives me a push to try to match it.

But those motivations don't apply as much anymore. There are now a lot of other captioners who do lesbian domination, some of them much better at it than I am. And as I said, there isn't as much of a push to prove myself as there used to be (you can blame that on the success of this blog.) So why am I still here?

I'm not a writer by profession (although I'd love to be) so this is a way for a lot of people to see my work. The tg community is a fantastic environment for new writers as you know what the audience wants to see, and for the most part it is a very supportive and positive environment let will let you try new things without worrying about being ridiculed for it. As long as you're nice about other people's work, it's a safe bet that they'll be nice to yours.

Now most of my stuff is an effort in becoming a better writer. Working within the limits of a caption forces you to decide what's absolutely essential for the story you're trying to tell. Do you just want to capture an instant, so you can include all the fun details that can make a reader squirm? Or are you trying for a larger story, that requires a broader perspective to show the larger themes you're working with? How quickly can you create characters that the reader becomes invested in, and how can you play with their expectations of what a caption is supposed to be in order to surprise them? These are the questions I enjoy playing with now.

I'm sure I'll do another page more focused on the writing aspect of captioning, so I think I'll end this section with this. Why am I still making captions? Because I enjoy it.


  1. I'm so glad I came across your blog. You know, this question is tricky - why am I here?
    I'm a blogger myself and I very often think it through. It's complicated. For sure, the lack of contents at that time had pushed us to start our blogs. I was mainly bored by watching same stuff everyday. It's been a month since I started and I find it an enjoyable experience.
    Take care, yours is an interesting blog indeed.

  2. This is how I started captioning and then late on collecting TG Media and ended up making a site with largest collection of TG videos . :-) http://www.genderbender.in/

    Though, I stopped captioning meanwhile due to time constrains.