Friday, December 23, 2011

Smitty's "The Initiation"

Whether you know it or not, the reason many of you know about my blog at all is because of Smitty. He was one of the first big name captioner to give me a plug when I first made the transition to Blogger. Well now it's time for me to partially repay the favor.

Smitty has just finished his longest caption to date, a massive choose-your-own-adventure epic that contains 19 possible endings and over 140 pages of material. So if you have some free time, please go take a look at it. Smitty's work is always fantastic, and he's put a ton of time into making this. I know I'm going to have a fun afternoon seeing what he has in store for his readers, I hope you'll join me.


  1. I would say TF-Media would be first & the front runner, many on their got very well known once they posted up blogs.

    And longer caps dont necessarily mean there better, I've read one shot caps I liked more then 20 page mish mashes.

    While I think its a good concept used many times in stories, I still am kinda hmmmm.

  2. Thanks for the plug, Rauk. I hope you enjoy it.

    And I completely agree, Candy, I have nothing on the big TG sites in terms of generating site traffic, but I'm glad if I can help even a little. I also agree that bigger doesn't always mean better, but I hope you enjoy this one as most of the paths are within the 6-10 page range, so it's like reading a lot of different cap series.

  3. Hey Candy,

    I in no way meant to devalue the friends and fans I met over at TF-Media. That was a wonderful community and I still miss it. I also don't believe length is inherently tied to quality, and if it was I'd be screwed as most of my work consists of single panel captions.

    My main goal for this post was to draw attention to a massive amount of work and effort made by someone who helped me out. I'm sorry if it came across otherwise.

  4. smitty@

    Your fine & I intend to read it, I was merely just making a comment, not a slam.


    I never said you were hun, my comment could be takin out of context since its just a shout out towards the fallen TG sites as well like TF Media.

    No offence taken & I figured as much.

    Happy holidays, stay slutty. ~

  5. Quick addition, I finished reading every possible ending last night and I have to say it was amazing. But for those of you who don't have the time to pour through 140+ pages but still want to see the quality of work Smitty put into this project I've made a cheat sheet for a quick first run. It's only 11 pages and if you like the kind of stuff I post here, you'll enjoy it.

    Start on P1
    Go to P2
    Then P17
    Finally P22

    Hope you decide to take a look.