Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well That Was Weird

Well, I'm not quite dead yet. Like several others, my blog was temporarily deleted today. Fortunately it was restored fairly quickly, and I hope it was a one time occurrence. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm not done making captions, and I'm working on new content for your viewing pleasure. And while I'm not usually into conspiracies it's a little odd that my blog was restored almost as soon as I gave a phone number to verify my account...

And just for future reference, if I ever decide to shut this blog down you will all know well in advance. If there comes a time when this site is permanently down without my consent, I'll find somewhere new to post my stuff and send the link out to my fellow cappers and hope they'll tell you where to find me.


  1. My blog was hit by the verification thing quite a while back. I attributed it to my habit of using an anonymizer proxy to access my blog settings. Now, it seems like Google is working to make sure they have a contact number for everyone. They're just being rather sneaky about it.

    Rest assured that if your blog is ever taken down against your wishes that I'd be more than willing to redirect people to your new site.

  2. I saw that your blog was down earlier, and my heart sunk. It seems to be happening on all to regular of a basis recently. I'm thrilled though that it has returned so quickly. And like A Nony, if you ever move I'll also be happy to redirect people to your new location.

  3. Thankfully my blog hasn't been hit by that yet, and hopefully yours never is again but like everyone else I too will be more than happy to redirect everyone to your new home.

  4. Fortunately, I havent had that issue as of yet *knocks on wood* but have seen others that mysteriously went belly up.

    Good to see you back on your feet & you know you've got my support if anything should arise again.

    The whole phone # security thing makes me a bit iffy, still dont understand why googles going that route since theres obviously other means to make the blogs more secure..

  5. It seems taht google is doing this thing to so many blogs this days that it could only be systematic and not because of a notice to them. I think they search for all of the blog to get some more information about the people.

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  7. Yeah, I think I may have been hit by this a while back. I think it may be related to their desire to have "one Google profile everywhere".

    They have been trying to stamp out anonymous accounts on G+ for a while. Now that they want to build unified profiles on everyone to sell to marketers they are checking up on all the anonymous blogger accounts.

    Not cool.