Saturday, April 21, 2012

Angel in the Night

Happy weekend everyone. I had planned on using my down time today to find some new images and then create a new caption tomorrow, but this image just wouldn't wait. The story formed so quickly that I didn't want to risk losing it so I quit my search and went right into captioning. Unfortunately the speed with which I created the story was not present in the formatting process as well. I went through a ton of backgrounds before finding one I liked, and then it took me a longer than it should have to work it into my standard layout without the test becoming illegible. Needless to say the whole process just reminded me of why I'm primarily a writer, and not a designer.

Speaking of design, I've been considering including my titles in the captions themselves. Under my current system all my captions are labeled by their "production code" of C# while they're being made (which explains the odd names of the files I upload to the blog). I don't come up with a title until I'm making the actual blog post. But for today's caption the title came as I was writing it. I briefly messed around with including it before deciding I had spent enough time on this caption already and just went ahead without. But the whole process had me wondering, do you all want to see titles included in the actual caption? Or do you like the way they're formatted now?


  1. Oh man.... that's not a hard choice at all! Hee Hee.

    Great cap Rauk. I rally like that background as I think it helps the image and story. Of course the story is as good as ever!

    I personally like seeing titles in the caps. it really cements it in my memory, and serves so much better than saying "You know, the one with the redhead... pink background... story about desires.."

  2. I have very few captions without titles. It's just a way of IDing the fantasy.

    As for this caption, I would have to say it's a very tempting story! This is something I love writing about myself - the offer, the temptation and eventual surrender to femininity. However, I often want to be the wicked temptress offering the lifetime of femininity in exchange for servitude.

    I'll have to see about getting your alter ego in one of my caps . . .

  3. Take it. Take everything! I'd gladly be your eternal servant.

    Having titles in the caption is nice, but I think yours are fine the way they are.