Friday, May 4, 2012


My first caption with the title in the image. I'm fairly happy with how the caption ended up looking, the story is nothing special though. It's funny, I actually meant for this to be one of my standard forced lesbian taunting captions but I just couldn't make it happen. The past couple captions have been relatively clean (at least for my standards anyway) as I haven't been in a good smut writing mood in a while. I'll try to dirty things up a bit in the next update as I know that's what most of you come here looking for in the first place.


  1. Beautiful, Rauk! How could anyone resist melting into her embrace!?!

    Elle :-x

  2. There's nothing wrong with non-smutty captions. I like how sweet this one is.

  3. Oh my- I was melting into her hands reading this captions. I love your work it gives hope and want! W/Love Eva Moore...