Thursday, January 9, 2014

Doll House

The first cap of 2014!

So here is my first caption of 2014. I'm not all that happy with how it turned out, but that's mostly because I rushed it quite a bit. Work has been insane for me this past week, and I really haven't been all that motivated to cap, but I had a feeling that things weren't going to be turning around anytime soon, so I wanted to at least get something out for all of you nice readers before too much time had passed.

Is it my best work? Not by a long shot, but it's better than nothing. Worst case scenario, I love this picture, so at least the caption itself is easy on the eyes.

I'm also currently working on a reader request, so hopefully that will be up before too long.

I hope you all have been enjoying the new year, and here's hoping that I'll be back with more new material before too long.