Saturday, March 10, 2012

Embracing His New Identity

It took me almost a month to find the time to make this caption, but it's finally done. This was a request by Tatiana over at Rachel's Haven, another one of the members of the tg community I frequently caption. Anyway, she gave me pretty much free reign to make what I wanted based on her preferences. I knew I was going to do a mental struggle as it's one of her favorite things to read and one of my favorite to write. But I didn't go into this expecting to make a maid caption. The reason I ended up going that route is I noticed "french maid" was listed twice in her preferences, but I didn't see a maid caption in the past couple months of captions made for her on her trading gallery thread (sorry if you don't visit the Haven that last sentence probably didn't make much sense.) So I decided to give her what she's been asking for, and luckily I found a great photo set to use. The end result is this three panel caption, which I'm pretty happy with. It's got a similar feel to my Kylie captions (which I plan on revisiting soon) with a bit of a darker undertone. Overall, I really like how it turned out, and I hope Tatiana does too.


  1. To be such a sexy maid, tatiana is lucky the the Mistress chose her.

    I love when you write a mental tug of war!

  2. Wow- I guess even I would have to leave my manhood and be who I am inside! Great caption and wanting this to be me! W/Love Eva Moore...