Monday, November 19, 2012


Why stop at "more than enough?"

We're finally approaching the end of Seven. There's just one more sin to go, I wonder what it could be...

I could go on about the explanation behind the story for a while, as I've been thinking of the best way to pull it off for weeks now. But I think I'd prefer for this one to stand on its own.

I'll just say this: There's more than one type of "suitor" in the tg community.


  1. Wonderful caption Rauk. It seems you've found the Gordon Gekko' of the TG world. And while we're all submitting our fortunes to her, we're also getting a little richer as well!

    1. Thanks. As difficult as this was to get it how I wanted, I had a lot of fun messing around with various interpretations of greed.