Friday, November 23, 2012

New "Sissy" Tag, Updated Portfolio, and a little Formspring

Here's the quick version if you don't have time to read this entire post: Check out the new "sissy" and "*portfolio" tags on the left side of the blog.

I've been meaning to take of these updates for a while now, I've just been too lazy to do it. But I had some time last night, and I wasn't feeling particularly creative so I decided it was finally time to add a much needed "sissy" tag for my captions. I wasn't entirely sure where to draw the line between what was set apart a "sissy" caption from what I already had grouped into "crossdressing" or "taunting" but I think I found a nice balance. So I'm sure there are some of my captions that the tagcould apply to that I didn't include, but I like the selection I ended up with.

The second order of business was I finally got around to adding some new captions to "*portfolio," something I hadn't done since July 2011. Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with the tag, "*portfolio" is something I started to give new readers an idea of what kind of captions I create. I don't want to call them my best captions, or my favorites, but they are the ones I'm either particularly proud of, or the type of caption that I believe is a good representation of my style and the kind of content I post on a regular basis. Essentially, "*portfolio" is meant to answer the question "what kind of capper is Rauk?" So I highly encourage anyone who is new to the blog, or those who have yet to get through the entire catalog of posted caption to check it out, there's some amazing stuff in there.

And finally, a couple of formspring questions:

Have you ever heard of transformations such as these happening for real?

Can't say that I have, but if I hear anything you'll be the first to know.

Have you ever considered creating a TG Comic like Sasha does? Because I think it would be a great idea!

I haven't, and as much fun as it would be to make a giant project like that, I probably never will. First off, I don't have the software needed to create something like that. Second, I usually don't find enough pictures I like from any single set (or even a single model) to have enough material to cover as much story as I would want to include. And finally, and most importantly, I really don't have the time for a giant project such as a TG Comic along the lines of what Sasha does. I'm still struggling to turn out my pathetic five or six single captions a month, if I took on a larger project that would have my production come to a screeching halt. So while I appreciate the vote of confidence in my ability to do a comic, unfortunately it's just not in the cards for the foreseeable future.

So that concludes today's wall of text post. I'll try to get a new caption out to you nice folks soon, but for now enjoy weekend!


  1. Rauk, even if you can't create a TG Comic like,
    Sasha's, could you write one like, let us saym
    "Foreign Bodies" (the basic plot is rather simple: a Witch who hates men uses magic to turn
    them into women) or "Boys Will Be Girls"? Surely you could ask a friend to do the artwork for the comic? Alternatively, you could do a TG comic-strip on your site and let it be printed off by a printer of those who view your site?"

    1. Could I write one? Probably. But the bigger question is, do I have the time to write one? Sadly, no. I'm barely able to find the time to turn out eight captions or so a month with my current schedule. If I were to undertake a larger project, I would have to essentially stop production here for a while, which I'm not willing to do.