Saturday, December 1, 2012


Will you submit?

The final sin. But the series is not over just yet...

And so we have reached the long awaited appearance of lust.

I tried to keep this one fairly simple by asking the question, "Why are we all here?"

The answer came easily enough: Seduction.

In some way or another we have all been seduced by fantasy, giving in to the desires (hidden or not) that compel us to search for pleasure.

This is good and healthy in small doses. But we all know how addictive this little habit of ours can be.

So there's only one question remaining, "Will you let it consume you?"

And while we have reached the end of the sins, there is still a little more to Seven...


  1. Rauk - Nice Caption. lol I once knew of a girl whose face looked just like the models and her hair was red too tho it was dyed. -Monica