Saturday, September 28, 2013


I didn't really feel like writing today, so I decided to mess around with the layout instead.

I've been liking the capping schedule I'm on right now, so I wanted to keep it up by getting in at least one more update before September was over. The problem was I didn't feel much like writing a tg cap today, which is why the story is a little sparse and vague here. So rather than spend a lot of time trying to force a longer story than I wanted to write, I messed around with the layout of the cap instead. But just because I didn't want to write didn't mean I didn't want to push myself creatively, so I tried (and I think relatively succeeded) getting three pics into a single panel. I have to say, I don't love the end result, but it was fun to make and I'm mostly okay with how everything turned out.


  1. Another great caption, as always!

    Any chance you could share the source images or model names?

    1. Here you go:

  2. So powerful with such a short cap. Love the visuals. . . it really adds to the dream scenario in the text. Top notch caption!

  3. A lovely layout for a lovely caption.