Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Two captions in a week? I really am spoiling you guys.

The urge to cap has stuck around for longer than usual lately, so I was happy to be able to turn out another new caption so quickly. I definitely wouldn't call this a happy caption, but I'm guessing some of you will be able to relate, even if in more of a metaphorical than a literal sense.


  1. Whoa... great cap Rauk! Talk about a fantasy within a fantasy! One thing struck me though... while I read this with the idea of the 'heroine' being a transformed guy, there isn't any mention of it being a TG theme. This could be read by any genetic woman and still come across as a fun fantasy for them.

    BTW; Lovely source image! It's hard to write up anything with that drawing my eyes away all the time!

    1. Thanks! I actually didn't mean to leave out a reference to any tg theme when I originally wrote the text, but when I noticed it during the editing process I liked how that happened. Why limit the scope of the story if I don't have to?

      And I've been saving this pic for a while until I felt that I had a good enough story to finally use it.

  2. Fascinating cap. The contrast between the image and the 'reality' of the text really made me think.

  3. This was absolutely wonderful! Another great cap!

  4. Wow! This really summed up the word "bittersweet" to me!

    Great work!

  5. Great cap Rauk
    we all seem to go back and forth between reality and fantasy.
    fantasy is such a wonderful place
    Keep io the great. Work