Friday, November 1, 2013


I hope you all had a fun Halloween. To celebrate, here is a caption that has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween at all! Well...I guess you could make a stretch and say the color scheme kind of fits, and the subject matter might have something to do with dressing up... so... Here's a cap that doesn't specifically mention Halloween, but still uses part of the same color palate and referentially touches on one of the key aspects of said holiday!

This image has been sitting in my "to cap" folder for a long time, so it was nice to finally do something with it. It's weird how motivation works. I currently have over 50 images in that folder, and I pretty much already know the story I'm going to write for each of them, and yet they'll still sit there for months until one day I see a pic I've looked at dozens of times and finally say, "Today is the day to tell this story." And while those days are a good deal further apart than when I started, they're still coming, which I guess is why you all are still seeing new caps for me. Here's hoping that doesn't change any time soon.


  1. As if there's any doubt...the panties please

    1. Noted. One vote for "Panties" on the record.

  2. flip a coin. Having the girl lover for life is fine too

  3. Wow.. what tough choices
    But being her Sissy, maybe you get to watch her have sex