Saturday, November 9, 2013

Touch Yourself

I have a feeling this caption is fairly self-explanatory.

Rather than talk about this caption, I think I'm just going to quote Joe Sixpack (and if you haven't check out that site by now I highly recommend you do).

"So you get a little turned on when you think about switching genders? So what!? Everybody's got some sort of freakishly bizarre thrill they never talk about. That's no reason to get all weirded out over this stuff.

Have a little bit of fun. Enjoy yourself. Do whatever you need to do and then get on with your life. Who the heck cares."


  1. Another wonderful cap Rauk! You seem to be really hitting a stride in these caps where you hit both a TG fantasy and a kind of meta reality. I can see both the newly transformed girl being coaxed into exploring her new body and the often silent yet constantly titillated reader being coaxed to touch his own body.


    1. Thank you, I'm having a lot of fun writing these kind of caps.

  2. Theres no explicit tg in this one. I'd personally like it better with a couple extra lines to make the setting or background more concrete like a story rather than floating in space like poetry.

  3. Really runs well. A wonderful exercise in erotic sensuality.