Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Her Lips on Mine

Day 3, still going strong.

Mixing up the layout and the subject matter again for today's new caption. Like I said yesterday, I really want this week to offer a little something for everyone, so I'm trying to cover as many styles/topics as I can. With this one I got a little more specific and graphic than the last two have been. Who knows what new fun awaits tomorrow? Well, besides myself, since I've already finished writing all the captions for the week, but for the rest of you it will remain a mystery! Until, you know, tomorrow, at which point you'll find out, assuming you come back again tomorrow... Please come back again... It doesn't have to be tomorrow, it could be the next day, or the one after that. We all have busy lives, I get that, so if you can't make it tomorrow I'd understand. Really it's fine. And I'm not saying that in the kind of way passive aggressive people say "it's fine" when it's really not and they just want you to pay more attention to them. Why are you still reading this? There is no useful information in this entire wall of text. Don't get me wrong, I'm flattered you think what I have to say is worth reading, but it's still kind of weird... Anyway, I'll be back here tomorrow, I hope you will be too.


  1. Who is the Redhead on the left of the screen?

  2. Mmm... it would be difficult to write a story that's sexier than this image, but by George I think you've done it!