Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wrath Fixed and other Formspring Stuff

There were a few issues with "Wrath" when I posted it, but I think I've gotten everything figured out. So if you couldn't see it yesterday I apologize, but if you have the time I'd highly recommend checking it out, I really like this one.

Anyway, now that I've gotten the "page doesn't exist" issue taken care of (hopefully) let's see what fun formspring has in store for us today.

i wish you can make they big so we can read they

I'm assuming this is talking about the issues with "Wrath" linking to a page that didn't exist but in case it's not, in order to see my caps full sized you need to click on the image (or the title of the post if the image didn't work) which will bring you to a new page. Then to see the caption full sized click on the second time the pic appears, as the first is just a link back to the page you are already on. This should open up the caption in a new screen, and clicking on the image again should allow you to zoom.

Should you have any issues with this please send me an email or a note through formspring and I'll fix it as soon as I can.

should i keep flirting with guys?

Um...sure? As long as it's all in good fun I don't see why not. But without more information I really can't give any solid advice. Although I'm not sure I'm really the person you want to be asking about these kinds of things as I'm just a writer with no real world experience with any of the subject matter I talk about.

should i only wear panties and throw out all my mens wear?

Once again, um...sure? I personally wouldn't, but then again I'm not necessarily the best person in the community to ask about these kinds of things. So if you think it'll make you happy or if you're just looking to take things past just fantasy I don't see why not. Whatever floats your boat.

So that was a little more unusual than these things usually go, but whatever. If you have any other questions or requests for me feel free to send them in, I love hearing from my audience and I appreciate feedback in any way shape or form.

If you haven't checked out "Wrath" make sure you do, its pretty short and should easily be worth the time. I'm hoping to get out another new caption in the next couple of days so I should see you all again soon.


  1. Those questions make me glad I took down my formspring application LOL

    1. Yeah they were a little out there, but I'm still at a point where I'm happy to get any community interaction that I can get (okay, maybe not "any" but things that are at least semi on topic).