Monday, June 3, 2013

Mind Games

I finally made the kind of cerebral cap I've been trying to get back to doing.

This cap actually started as two separate ideas that I sort of smashed together. I think the final result came out rather well, but I'm also pretty tired right now so I might just be delusional. But either way, I'm making progress on being able to make both simple smutty stuff and heavier mental stuff, without taking a month long break in between the two, so I'm feeling all right.


  1. Great cap Rauk!

    I don't think your sleepiness had anything to do with your evaluation of this fine cap as it works really really well. I can't imagine how hard it would be to submit to such voices all in an attempt to not have them take over and be forced to submit to them entirely. VERY squirmy!

    Beyond the story, your design here is great. From having the equally sized text boxes giving both the girls advice and the voice in the head equal weight, to the title colored like the text boxes to the lovely photo... it all works together to make something better than the individual parts!


  2. Rauk - you never fail to amaze with your captions. A great cap has yet again from your hands and mind sprung forth for us all to see. -- Monica