Friday, June 28, 2013

...You Lied

June's been an okay month for updates, but I figured I'd make it a little better by squeezing in one more quicky before it's over.

This was a pretty fun caption to write, as the story was pretty much in place as soon as I saw the image. I'm not totally satisfied with the way the layout ended up, but I can live with it. Overall though, I like this one, and hopefully you all will as well.


  1. Great cap Rauk!

    I really enjoyed the story and the ending took me by surprise (which I love!). As for the design... well yeah. I like what you did with the text boxes and even the font, but writing a story around an image that has the subject directly in the center is always a pain. I think you did very well with what you had.

    1. Thanks. And yeah, the image wasn't giving me a whole lot to work with and I didn't have the time to sit down and really mess around with various ideas. I like the resulting back and forth of the text boxes, but I think the overall caption looks a little too cluttered.

  2. Short, sweet and absolutely perfect. The sequence of the text boxes was a tad confusing but the end results were the same. Loved it.