Sunday, June 17, 2012

All Over Again

So here is that quickie I promised (I know, I barely caught the deadline of the weekend, but Sunday night is better than Monday morning, right?)

I decided to play around with this one a little bit, and in doing so my sight might have gone past my reach, but whatever. I've been sitting on this image for a while and I knew I wanted to do something with brainwashing, but I wanted to take it further than that. So I started tweaking around the motivation used to keep a mindless servant "happy." I tried the normal tg standards of having a craving for cock implanted and all that jazz, but honestly it felt rather cookie-cutter, it's been done over and over again and I didn't see myself chartering any new territory with that approach. So I went the other direction. The individual chooses to remain subservient not out of any pleasure they obtain from the arrangement, but out of fear of the alternative. Eventually I landed on the idea of a person who doesn't know exactly what has been taken from them, but they know it's painful, a first hand knowledge that ignorance really is "bliss." I probably could have taken it further and found a better balance between being a mindless pleasure drone and a cognitive individual actively seeking an escape from their own past, but I had already been working on this caption longer than I had planned on, so I decided to take what I had so far and shelve further exploration of this idea for another day. I'm not sure when or if I'll revisit this concept again, but I have to say it was fun to mess around with a new idea again.

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  1. So deliciously devious. Wonderfully worded. It really allows the reader to fill in blanks.