Wednesday, June 6, 2012


This was a fun caption to write as I got to play around with both the mental and physical aspects of a forced transformation, and how the two can play off of each other. I would have liked to have had a third panel as the text is a little on the small side, but I didn't have another image that worked. All things considered though, I'm pretty happy with the way this one turned out.


  1. This is the best caption I have seen in a while.
    Thanks Rauk :)

  2. A classic slip up (no puns intended :3) thats always a fun read if done properly.

    That last minute always seems to be the deal breaker, nicely done. ^^

  3. A great tale about toeing the line, teetering on the edge, and then tumbling into bliss

  4. Whoops! One little slip is all it takes! Really liked this cap, very sexy build up and resolution!

  5. This is very very good love the cap thank you!!!

  6. So damned sexy...those lips are perfection. A third panel would have been lovely if only to have a picture of that perfect pussy pounded to perfection by a well hung stud. But that's what our imagination is for ;-)

  7. this was a magic/spell cap right?

    - gorachel from the haven

    1. Thank you!!!

      Love ur caps hun/bro/etc.../idc ur awesome!

  8. I'm transforming more and more with each story moving closer and closer to being pulled in deeper into the body I have wished for and dreamed about for years now- my mind saying here I am trying to hold on to any malehood I may have left in me! W/Love Eva Moore...