Sunday, July 15, 2012

Out of Her System

I originally intended this to be a much smuttier caption than it turned out being. But once I got it started the story just took off in its own direction, and I've done enough captions by this point to know better than to try to fight a caption once it builds up momentum. But no matter how you look at it, it still has a really hot picture and despite what I'd like to say to the contrary a hot pic is easily more than half of what makes up a "good" caption... Aw, now I made myself feel less important. I'm going to go argue with some people on the internet, that'll show everyone how awesome I am again.


  1. Oh my I'm floating in lust of this being me- I know how it is now but to feel another side just fills me and my days- thank you for the dream now it needs to come/cum true! W/Love Eva Moore...

  2. That's how I'd feel If I became a woman I would never want to be a man again LOL!

    1. I had feeling that there'd be a few people who could relate to this one.

  3. Very sexy, keep up the great work hun. ~