Friday, July 20, 2012

Wait, I have a Formspring?

I know, it kind of surprised me too. I was checking my email today and found that I had received a couple of questions form the formspring box I added to the side of my blog a while ago and then quickly forgot about. So since someone was willing to take the time to throw out a question, I figured it would be rather rude if I didn't reciprocate with an answer.

Are you a sssy?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that this individual wants to know if I am a sissy. In my fantasies? Sometimes. But in the real world? Not so much. More or less I'm just a straight guy who likes to imagine what it would be like to be a girl for a bit. While I love writing a good sissy caption, more often than not my own personal fantasies tend to go along the lines of a magical, full transformation, and preferably a temporary one at that. My love for sissy captions actually has more to do with the fact that I find them to be much more interesting to write about as there is such a wide range of emotions tied up in sissification (joy, guilt, lust, humiliation, etc). And as a writer I'm naturally drawn to exploring the depth that the world of sissies provides.

Are you a tgirl?

This is more or less answered by my response above, but just in case some of you decided to skip over that block of text, no I am not. I'm a heterosexual male who decided to share his fantasies of being turned into a woman with all of you nice people here on the internet. Tg is just a fantasy for me, although I understand and completely support those for whom it is an integral part of their lives and identities. Oh and in a similar vein, my sexual identity is true for both the real world and online. "Rauk" is my male name (I know, it's weird as most tg captioners go by their female persona). If for some reason you're interested in finding out more about me (such as how I got into tg or why I decided to start making captions), check out my Bio section up at the top. Or you can also see the couple of captions I've put myself into by looking at the tag "Kylie" over on the left side of the blog.

I wonder if you could do a caption with a redhead and a magic hairbrush?

I want to apologize for this one, as I realized when I logged into formspring today that it's been sitting there for six months. To whomever requested this, I'm really sorry, I did not mean to ignore your idea. But to address the question, if I found a picture that worked I can't see why not. I've never run across something like this in the places I usually search (although those places do tend to focus on naked people for some reason). So if I find something that works, sure. But if you'd rather not leave it up to chance and find something yourself, feel free to email it to me at I can't promise that I'll use it (I'm kind of picky about the images I use in captions) but I guarantee you'll get a response from me either way.

So that's it for this round of formspring. It was a lot of fun answering some questions, and hopefully there will be some more in the future. The submission box is over on the side of the blog like everything else, or if you don't like that or want to really ensure I get your message, send me an email.

Sorry for yet another update without a caption, but I'm thinking you'll be seeing something new from me on Saturday... I hope.


  1. Are you sure the person asking didn't just misplace that A, meaning they wanted to know "Are you sassy?"

    Of course, the answer to that is YES!

    1. That would indeed be the answer to such an inquiry. So if that was the intended question, I apologize for wasting everyone's time with a long, rambling paragraph about something that was completely off topic, when a simple one word answer would have sufficed. Although if the length of this response is any indicator, I may be incapable of providing a succinct answer to anything.

  2. Bro, I thought I was the only one! Yeah I have some tg fantasies, but they're only that; fantasies. You're the first person I've seen that's perfectly content with being a dude. We're like a minority!

    1. There are plenty of other members of the tg community who are content being a guy, but for the most part even they use a female persona when online. A good example of this is Kelly over at

      The only other person I know who uses a male persona online is smitty from although I'm sure there are others.

      So while it may feel like we're in the minority, I can guarantee you that there are others who feel the same, although they're just a little less vocal about it.

      And while I'm thinking of it, another great place to check out is Joe Six Pack at

      I think you'll find the text at the bottom of the the home page particularly interesting.