Tuesday, October 16, 2012


What's wrong with a little overindulgence?

We've finally reached the halfway point of Seven. Hopefully the second half goes a little faster than the first.

So in this installment I wanted to look at the binge nature of the tg community. I know that when I first found entire websites devoted to this material, it wasn't uncommon for me to lose three to four hours chunks of time as I lost myself in reading every caption on the site.

Things have gotten a little better now that I've been around for a few years, but there are still plenty of times I've pushed back going to bed for an hour or two in order to read newly posted captions, and I know I'm not alone in doing that.

It's always difficult to say no to a free service, especially one that can cater so specifically to what you want. And it doesn't help that both sides actively encourage the behavior. Artists want more page views and comments, and readers want to see more material, allowing the two to fuel each other on to some crazy levels of production and interaction.

Please don't misunderstand what I'm saying, I love the way this community interacts and creates. I've just learned I have to be careful when I sit down to see what's been recently published, especially if I don't have the rest of the day free.


  1. You and your using caps to make me face my own shortcomings! Geeze, I can't tell you how guilty I am of these indulgences. How many nights I've spent pouring through new captions, and when there are none to satiate my hunger, through archives of both old favorites and those explored.

    All this self reflection is going to turn your readers into better people! I hope you're happy with yourself.

    1. Happy might not be the right word...satisfied perhaps?

      I'm not trying to make anyone a better person (after all, the people who are guilty of these sins are myself and my audience, so why would I want to change a dynamic that's working so well?), I'm just trying to throw out some interesting things to think about.

      So I guess I am happy that I'm prompting a little self reflection after all.

  2. Rauk, I'm Mr. Mystery, and father of the Sins, but they
    were eight in number originally. The original arrangement
    went like this. 1:Lust. 2:Greed. 3:Gluttonny. 4:Sloth.
    5:Anger. 6:Pride. 7:Envy. 8: Discouragement. Now, on your site I found Gluttony, Sloth, Anger and Envy, but I can''t find Lust, Greed, Pride or even Discouragement
    anywhere.So, pray tell me, kind Sir, where are they?

    1. Actually it could be argued there were as many as 9. But by current Christian convention there are 7. (Discouragement was combined with Sloth, and Vainglory was combined with Pride)

      As for where the missing sins are, I haven't written them yet. I'm currently making one around every other week, although I'm trying to get them done faster.