Tuesday, October 2, 2012


What happens when eternal bliss is never out of reach?

Is doing nothing really a sin? After all, it's not like you're hurting anyone...

With this installment of Seven I really wanted to explore the idea of how destructive the standard trope of "I'm a sexy girl, I'm never going to get out of bed again" could really be. The biggest issue I see with these kind of ideas is the complete lack of motivation characters who feel this way now suffer from. If all you've ever wanted is to be able to experience what it would be like to orgasm as a female, what would happen if you could do it as much as you wanted? Would you eventually create new goals for yourself? Or would you get lost in the process of living out your fantasy?

Part of why I find this particular sin so fascinating is that it seems so harmless. No one seemingly gets hurt through inaction, but taken too far it leads to the death of the individual. Without goals or aspirations, a person merely drifts along, all the while unaware of the destructive force this apparently harmless outlook has on their life.

Perhaps I'm taking this idea too far, but writing this caption has given me a lot to think about in my own life. And for that reason alone, this caption was worth creating.


  1. Rauk, you have me viewing this cap in two completely different ways. Viewing it as just another cap makes me look at it as a wonderful, sexy and frightening experience. The image works perfectly with someone content to spend the rest of their lives lying back in the lap of luxury, losing them self in their new feminine body over and over again with no end in sight. And your story sends a shiver down my spine, making me wonder if this type of transformation was possible why WOULDN'T someone fall headfirst into this sin. In other words.... GREAT cap!

    But the other way to look at it is as you mentioned and will make me look at my own life in a new way. Sure, in the cap the sin is falling for a new feminine body... but couldn't that sin be falling for a new feminine personality? Say a feminine personality that wants to just enjoy herself making caps and roll playing? A new fun personality that so takes over one's life that anything has to have a strong external force to make this person pull out of that feminine personality?

    I don't have a job (in my career choice), or school to pull me away from being Caitlyn at all anymore. I spend my.... Calvin's... time applying for jobs but really nothing else. The vast majority of my time is either spent sitting at my computer being Caitlyn, or wanting to be sitting at my computer being Caitlyn. Have I already fallen into this sin?

    I'll be thinking about this for quite some time and want to thank you for the wakeup call... although I'm not sure Caitlyn, nor the people that enjoy her presence may thank you for it.

    1. Thank you for the compliment about the caption. And your assessment of the message behind it is a valid one. I guess the biggest point I want to make with this piece is the importance of balance in life, and how dangerous it can be to let any one aspect overshadow all of the others.

  2. Its hard to think of something that Caitlyn hasn't already touched upon.

    From the perspective of the cap, what truly disturbs me most is the thought of a body so feminine, a pleasure so seductive, that you let everything else fade away. Not just work, school, friends, and family, but potentially even yourself. Wasting away, unable to bring yourself to abandon your self satisfaction long enough to seek nourishment. Extreme, but troubling none the less.

    As for the feminine persona. I too find myself spending long amounts of time indulging in Kyra, reading captions, dreaming about an idealistic life as a girl. Perhaps a bit too much, but I just can't see myself stopping.

    1. I see no problem in spending significant amounts of time as your female persona, as long as it is a part of your life and doesn't begin to interfere with other activities or responsibilities you have. Everything's good in moderation, right?

  3. Speaking personally as the father of The 7 Deadly Sins,
    Lust is a very kind-hearted and charitable girl, and dresses respectably when walking amongst mortals, and one
    part of her original persona that remains unchanged is her love of God and the church. Greed is really not as greedy as you think. All she requests is a decent meal-which her parents denied her, and love. Gluttony was starved of food, and almost wasting away before I called an ambulance, and she was so damaged that a major operation was called for. Eileen Slight, a White Witch, paid for the operation. Afterwards, due to having been starved of food, she evolved into Gluttony. But food doesn't happen to be the be-all and end-all of her world, just half of it. The rest of the time is spent at the gymnasium, the church, and going out with friends. Sloth has the same kind of day as Gluttony: half of it in bed, then she'll get dressed, make breakfast-cooking is her favourite hobby, then she hit the gym, the better to keep her sexy boy nice and fit, then church, in the afternoon she makes lunch for everyone, even her cousins, the 7 Heavenly Virtues. And for herself, of course, though she eats in private with just me for company. It's the same at dinnertime, as she's a relatively private person, with a temper that easily eclipses Anger's, as Anger found out the hard way.