Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Your Eyes

Kind of a rough week for new captions, but here they are. As I said I had found some new pictures that I wanted to try working with. Unfortunately I couldn't get any of the stories to work right so I decided to find some older pics I've been overlooking for a while. Since I wasn't getting anywhere with my usual style, I figured I may as well try out some themes and ideas I normally don't use. The first one is an implied bodyswap, which normally does nothing for me but I focused less on the change and more on the motivations behind it. The second uses my normal tone, but it doesn't involve a full transformation and touches on some age regression roleplaying. The last one features a dominant male, which I have used occasionally, but it's definitely darker and more mean spirited than I normally write. All in all, I can't say I'm overly happy with any of them, but I needed to step outside my comfort zone if only to realize why I like what I usually write about. So if you want to see more of anything in this update be sure to let me know, otherwise I'm probably just going to mark this down as a writing exercise and move on. See you Friday.

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  1. I like the element of temptation and allure in this one, a subtle and heady blend that draws you in. Great stuff, nice to see you experimenting with different ideas btw!