Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear Caroline

Here's the first of a several short sequences you'll be seeing in the next few weeks. As you can obviously notice, I took a bit of a deviation from my usual caption style with this one. The text is fairly typical, but with my usual layouts I just couldn't get the feel I wanted. So I started playing around with backgrounds and styles until I realized I could make this actually look like a letter with pictures enclosed. I really like the way this turned out as I think it looks, for lack of a better term, more professional. I'm usually so focused on getting out my story, I let the actual appearance of the caption suffer. In an effort to keep pushing my work to a higher standard, I'm going to try to fix that trend in future captions. Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Awesome cap Rauk! I really like the story and the little twists in it! And the layout is great!

  2. I gotta say that story is a big part of a cap, regardless of length....

    I do like the layout on these though & think playing around with layouts is fun but the ONLY thing about focusing more on appearance, sometimes has you taking ALOT longer to make what was supposed to be a simple cap. :3

    I catch myself jumping between both, really depends on how much freetime I have & my mood..

    These look great though, nicely done...

  3. Visually some of your best work. The story overall is unique in the way you told it and the structure. There's an underlined snark within the tone of the letter - almost like a borderline kiss-off letter to a former friend. The tone combined with the enclosed pictures fuel this idea and that's the part that makes it really sexy for me.

  4. @Caitlyn:
    Thanks, part of the reason I decided to start messing with how my work look is your decision to start experimenting with different designs for your new caps.

    Don't worry, story will always come first for me. Most of what this means is I'll use similar layouts but try to use more interesting backgrounds for the text.

    Thanks, I was trying to see how sincere I could be while still giving off the vibe that this is a giant middle finger to an old "friend."

  5. Who are the models?