Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Empty Apology

I still don't know when I found the time to write this, but here's your regularly scheduled update. This week has been crazy, but I'm staying on top of things pretty well so far. I just hope I can keep this up for the next few days. Anyway this is an image I've been sitting on for a bit, I always knew the general story for what I wanted to write, but for some reason I was never happy with my previous attempts. And yet by some force of luck or inspiration, I finally got something I could live with, and with the time constraints I have this week I can't afford to be picky. See you Friday...hopefully...


  1. Mmmmh, love this one! I have a feeling that Jonathon won't be able to resist either... he may as well indulge since the witch won't turn him back now anyway.