Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Want a Taste?


  1. Sweet one Rauk! Well, it'd be nice to find out anyhow.

    Query for you; I'm working on a piece, was wondering if you'd mind if a character was named 'Rauk'? A bit of a thank you for your help.

    Character is a female Dr.

  2. I have no problem with you using my name. And you really don't have to thank me, I always enjoy helping people with their writing. Now if I'm actually qualified to do so is a completely different story. But we all like to think we're good at what we do, even if that isn't really the truth.

  3. Thank you! My intent in naming a character after you in a post is meant as an appreciation for your warm welcome to the TGcap neighborhood.

    And yous qualification on qualifications is noted.

    xx LJ w8z