Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Always and Forever Mine

Keeping things going with another new cap.

I have a feeling these posts are going to get shorter and shorter as with the number of captions I have planned, I'm going to run out of things to say pretty fast. Oh well, there are definitely worse problems to have.

In other news I have images for all but one of the requests I've received so far, so I'm going to be starting to write them in the next day or so. Plus I've still got five more already finished caps ready and waiting to go. Assuming everything goes well, you can expect a daily or almost-daily rate of new material for the first half of July. See you tomorrow everyone.


  1. Is it my cap that's holding you up? The "Dude Clothing' request? If so, no worries, I"ll take 'nude'. I'm just picky about it cause in the back of my mind, 'feminine clothing' in a freshly transformed situation just nags me(lol, yeah, I know, I should probably 'broaden' my suspension of disbelief')

    If, I just made a very odd confession about how picky I am with caps. For shame....

    Lol, anyways, I was using 'google image search' to look back at some of the sources for your cap images, and quite honestly....they're resparking my own imagination. I may pick up capping again(I made like 10 little captions a long time ago on Rachel's Haven...and then...I don't know...)

    1. It's actually not your request that's holding me up. I have two potential images I can use for yours depending so I'll let you pick.

      Personally I like her pose in the first one more but the bra might not fit what you're looking for (I'll make the appearance of the bra be part of the magic/transformation). But I can make the second one work just as easily if that bet fits what you want. Just let me know.

      And I'm glad to hear my image selection gave you some inspiration.

    2. Wow, great pics! I actually like the 2nd one better cause she has the perfect mix of emotions on her face(to me it looks like she could be saying "You sonnuva!..." to the friend that it backfired on).

      Wow, you keep getting me with good source material, XD. Definitely gonna pick up capping again. I may even use Meet Madden in my first cap :).