Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lost in Her Hands

I meant to post this 12 hours ago, but better late than never. Here is reader request number 2.

Today's reader request wasn't a full idea, but more of a suggestion for an aspect I've used multiple times before. But seeing as it's an idea I like doing anyway, I was more than happy to oblige:

"I have no particular requests but my favorite aspects of your caps is when a woman in the scene emphasizes how helpless the transformee is to resist a magical change, and describes the individual changes as they happen."


  1. Fantastic. One of your best =*

  2. Hi Rauk
    Realy a great cap. Goes very well with the pic

  3. Rauk, do you have a problem with me asking someone from GoneWildAudio on Reddit to record themselves reading some of your captions out loud? Because some of your captions would make great short scripts, and this one is especially suited.

    1. Not at all. Be sure to send me a link to the recording if/when it's done.