Monday, July 14, 2014

"Learning Experience"

Having some fun with a reader request about "dude clothes."

This request is from Dain, who finds it troubling when a newly transformed girl is already wearing feminine clothing. So I was sent off on a quest to find a picture that was a little more believable. Normally this kind of request could take me hours to find, seeing as there really isn't an option on most porn sites to filter pics by "masculine/gender neutral clothing." Fortunately tI got lucky and was able to find two pics that could have worked, and I allowed Dain to pick between them. So here's the finished product, and I have to say I really like how the story turned out. So thanks, Dain. Here's hoping you like it as much as I do.


  1. Lucky find. I definitely agree that it would be nice to have more girls in guy clothes to help with the caption story.
    Fun story of turn about.

  2. Very sexy, I've found myself in this very same situation with spells 'backfiring' on me & love these turn a bout caps.

    Great use of imagery, Madden always make for a sexy gender bent. :3

    Nicely done all in all, this one was very enjoyable for me.

  3. I know it's tagged "blowjob," but I prefer my pre-tag reading headcannon of her being pulled into a kiss. I guess that makes me a romantic? A very odd sort of romantic? Anyway, I really like the tone of this one, It's a definite change of pace, and it's nicely done, even if it does leave me wishing for an epilogue.

    I would say I'm rather surprised that you had trouble finding pictures for it, though. Did you try looking for pictures of women in men's ("boyfriend's") button-down shirts? That's kind of a fetish I would think was pretty well catered to. Those and jerseys. In the unlikely event you need to find similar for whatever reason in the future, you might want to try that.

    1. I guess I should specify that I didn't have trouble finding lower resolution amateur pics of girls in male clothing, it was just more difficult to find more professional looking images. But as I said, it really wasn't that bad to find this one.

  4. Sorry for the 'slightly' late response. You nailed it! I love the story and flow, in particular the whole idea of trying to persuade her way out of a 'submission' spell, and failing, :D


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