Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Taking Control

Keeping the reader requests coming

A request sent in via an Anonymous email account:

"I don't have a specific scenario in mind, but what really turns me on is the story of a guy being magically transformed into a weak submissive girl by a really strong confident lesbian, especially if it's his former wife/girlfriend. I love it when the former man finds himself becoming more and more feminine and submissive, unable to fight his new desires and behavior. I also really, really love the role reversal when a former man sucks on his mistress's strap-on and when she fucks him with it. Gradually he learns to love being on the receiving end. If you don't mind, could you use Dan/Danielle for the protagonist's old/new names?"


  1. Wow, fantastic job! Both the image choice and the story are just wonderful. It's all that I hoped for when I asked you for a caption. 'perfect pleasure puppet' indeed. You've created so much great stuff this month, it's really impressive.

    1. Awesome. I'm glad I was able to hit exactly what you were looking for.