Monday, July 21, 2014

Two Birds, One Spell

Another new reader request caption, and the final list of requests I'm going to be making

This request is from Dack, who was awesome enough to send in a couple of different ideas, as well as picture sets to go with them. Here's the one I ended up deciding on:

"I'd love to have a caption (or caption series, if I'm being greedy) where a girlfriend decides her boyfriend simply isn't pleasing her,  and turns him into her petite constantly horny little sexpet/maid, because if she's going to remold his body and some of his mind, she may as well get to avoid cleaning the house."

In related news I've decided to cap the number of requests I'm going to do at 30. I'm really sorry to those of you I've had to turn down as I would have loved to make something for every one of my readers. Anyway, here's the final list of request I'm going to making:

25. SB - a genie caption
26. Monica - redhead witch lets husband experience secret fantasy
27. Anonymous comment - masturbating like a girl
28. SB - succubus caption
29. Anonymous comment - acts more girly every time he hears the word "cute"
30. SB - loses bet to roommate, ends up loving it

Again, thank you to everyone who sent in a request, and I'm really sorry to those of you I wasn't able to get to.

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